Washem Clean is a full-service cleaning company and leading provider of high-quality carpet cleaning solutions. You do not have to spend money that you cannot afford to purchase a new carpet, because as your professional Boston carpet cleaning service, we will deliver the type of like-new results that you deserve, awakening the life of your carpet to its original form. It does not matter if your carpet requires standard cleaning, the removal of pet odors and stains, emergency water removal, or other related cleaning issues – Washem Clean has an exceptional group of personnel who are vetted, trained, and certified as exemplary Boston carpet cleaners.

Starting at $65 per hour. 2 hour minimum.

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Our staff will use only the best and most effective carpet cleaning equipment, supplies, and products available to ensure that you are receiving the “red carpet” treatment. The specialized services that we will provide to you as your chosen Boston carpet cleaning company will surpass your expectations and will not compare to any other carpet cleaning services in Boston, MA. With our internal double-check procedures – we will be able to provide the quality control that you will need to make certain that your carpets are cleaned to a superior level beyond imagination.

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March 2023

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