At Washem Clean, we understand how important the preservation of our planet is and we are more than happy to do what we can to assist our greener customers with more eco-friendly cleaning practices and products. We are committed to helping the world become more environmentally clean, one hygienic home at a time.

Starting at $65 per hour. 2 hour minimum.

Not all of the green cleaning companies in Boston have the ability to offer the entire package to their customers. However, at Washem Clean, we are not just providing an eco-friendly cleaning service. We are becoming acquainted with the distinctive needs of each customer from their green cleaning preferences to their personal styles and tastes. We feel that this is the only way that we can fully accommodate our valued clientele in the most deserving manner possible. The staff at Washem Clean is always on top of the most current products and procedures for eco-friendly cleaning. However, before we take any of those novel steps, we will always make sure that the research department of our green cleaning staff has done their homework. We want to be absolutely positive that everything we choose to do is up to the standards of the EPA for the ultimate in safety and cleanliness.

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Green Cleaning

Of course, if you have a particular preference for a certain type of eco-friendly cleaning product, we will work with you to ensure that we are meeting your needs for an impeccably clean space every time that we visit! Your health, your family’s health, the atmosphere within your home, and the global environment all matter to us at Washem Clean. This is the reason that we are confident that you will not regret hiring us for your green cleaning services!

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March 2023

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