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#1 Medford Maid & House Cleaning Service

Almost every housewife spends a lot of time cleaning. Our company has been helping people free up time for work or family vacations for many years. We have all the necessary equipment. Our cleaning company will quickly perform the required tasks. You will not have to think about where to remove construction debris or how to get rid of pet hair in the house. Our staff will quickly remove everything that prevents you from living in comfort. Our team includes skilled Medford cleaners who can make your home sparkle in hours. We will bring cleanliness to every corner. Our advantage is using environmentally friendly tools and household chemicals for various works, including dry cleaning. After all, many people who buy cheap liquid for cleaning floors, windows, or polishing furniture end up in the hospital with an allergic attack. We care about your home and your health!

We'll make your home sparkle

  • Different types of cleaning
  • Reduced personal injury
  • Quality detergents
  • Eliminate harmful allergens
  • We use top-notch equipment
  • Fully restored carpets
  • Expert stain protection
  • Specialized knowledge and experience
  • We offer simple booking process
  • Spotless floors

The Best House Cleaning Service In Medford

At first glance, cleaning is a simple process familiar to us. But it turns out that this procedure involves a lot of complexities and subtleties, and if they are not met, it is impossible to achieve flawless results, comfort, and cleanliness in the rooms. You can’t bring the cleanliness as perfectly as it will do professionals. If you need to carry out high-quality cleaning, contact us. We have qualified Medford maids. They will easily solve the problems associated with stubborn stains, pet hair, and dust mites. The cost may vary up or down depending on the amount of work, its complexity, and the time it will take to complete the tasks. We will be able to tell you the exact prices after the estimate. You can also ask our managers any questions. We use only cleaning materials that are safe for your health, your pets’ health, and the health of indoor plants. Our team also uses highly effective cleaning and detergent materials and professional equipment. We get the job done quickly, efficiently, everywhere, and at your convenience!

Our Advantages

Perfect cleanliness

We remove all stains, dust, and any stubborn dirt. Our Medford cleaning company uses reliable products. We guarantee a quality result.

Safe cleaning supplies

We use professional products. They are hypoallergenic, and suitable for cleaning homes with children or animals. Our company takes care of the health of your loved ones.

Easy payment

We agree on a list of works and calculate the cost in advance. Payment is made only when the cleaning is completed. We also offer convenient payment methods.

Quality result

We work until we achieve a perfect result that satisfies the customer. Our team has extensive experience and knowledge. We guarantee a quality result.

Quick work

We will be happy to help you in any situation. Our team will get your home in order quickly. We will save you energy and effort.

Skilled staff

Our employees have a lot of experience. They know how to remove dirt from various surfaces. We will make your home clean and comfortable.

Complete cleaning services

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Every Month



1-2 hours




One Time Cleaning


Every 2 Weeks


Every Month



2-2.5 hours




One Time Cleaning


Every 2 Weeks


Every Month



2.5-3 hours




One Time Cleaning


Every 2 Weeks


Every Month



3-3.5 hours



2 Hours Minimum

For Custom Jobs, Large Apartments/Homes, and Small Offices

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Pristine quality from one of the best cleaning companies in Boston. We are always clean, friendly and respectful.
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March 2023

What’s Included In a Standard House Cleaning?

Keeping your home permanently clean and cleaning it at least once a week by yourself is a long and troublesome process! Due to lack of time, many of us are forced to constantly postpone comprehensive cleaning and do it less often than required by sanitary standards. By using our Medford cleaning services, you can permanently solve this problem. Qualified maids will clean your home, and you can always enjoy cleanliness and order in the house! We will do wet cleaning. Our staff will remove dust and stains from furniture and polish surfaces. We will clean your kitchen and bath. If necessary, you can increase or decrease the number of required cleaning tasks according to your ideas about cleaning. We will be glad to help you in any case!

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