With so many things to consider during a relocation from one living space to another, many forget the importance of needed move-out cleaning as well as move-in cleaning. The reason that Washem Clean is the perfect move-out cleaning service for you is because we know how pressed for time you will be before departing your current residence while trying to coordinate with the movers and get into your new place on schedule. It is difficult enough finding a sufficient number of hours between work and other responsibilities without having to figure out when you will be able to squeeze in move-out cleaning. However, Washem Clean can provide the ideal move-out cleaning services for your house or apartment with an array of EPA-approved solutions to get your space looking like new again for incoming tenants or potential buyers. In addition, this will make your realtor’s job easier or ensure that your landlord will return your security deposit to you in a timely fashion.

Starting at $65 per hour. 2 hour minimum.

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But wait – wouldn’t you like to have the same thing done for you before entering into your new place of residence? Not only will Washem Clean provide you with move-out cleaning, but also, we are quite known for our comprehensive move-in cleaning services. We do not want you to be burdened by a compounded list of things to do or feel less comfortable in a place that just does not feel like home yet. Our Washem Clean professionals could prepare your new home for your arrival leaving you with a clean environment that will make you feel excited and proud. We will make your new residence feel like a new home with our move-in cleaning services and if you require regular cleaning after that – we can put you on a regular house or apartment cleaning schedule.

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March 2023

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