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Boston’s historic charm, coupled with its modern allure, means a blend of properties that may, at times, be vulnerable to damages and the effects of time. WASHE’M CLEAN emerges as the beacon of hope in such scenarios, providing premier restoration services tailored to Boston’s unique architectural landscape. Whether it’s a historic townhouse, a modern commercial space, or anything in between, our comprehensive services ensure properties are restored to their former glory, if not better.

We’re not just a restoration company here in Boston, we’re part of the community. We get that every job is about more than fixing damage—it’s also about keeping Boston’s spirit alive. At the same time, we know you need modern comfort and safety. That’s why folks trust us when disaster strikes: we’re fast, careful, and do things right.

Going with WASHE’M CLEAN is like teaming up with a squad that respects tradition but isn’t afraid to push the envelope. Your property won’t just be clean, it’ll echo Boston’s rich and diverse history.

Starting at $65 per hour. 2 hour minimum.

Our Advantages

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Local Expertise

As a Boston-based restoration company, our team possesses in-depth knowledge of the city's architectural nuances, ensuring each project resonates with Boston's spirit.

Skilled Professionals

Our crew comprises seasoned experts with extensive experience in restoration, ensuring every detail is addressed with precision.

Modern Techniques

While we honor tradition, we also embrace the latest restoration techniques and tools, guaranteeing efficient and lasting results.

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Services We Offer

Our home restoration services focus on both the aesthetic and functional aspects, ensuring your dwelling is both beautiful and safe.

From historic landmarks to modern structures, our building restoration services cater to diverse architectural needs, preserving the essence while ensuring structural integrity.

Be it water, fire, or storm damage, our team is equipped to address and rectify a myriad of damages, ensuring your property stands resilient against future adversities.

Understanding the urgency that often accompanies damages, our team is always on standby, offering swift and comprehensive solutions to restore normalcy.

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Quality restoration shouldn’t be prohibitively expensive. WASHE’M CLEAN offers competitive pricing, ensuring you receive top-tier restoration services without breaking the bank. Our transparent pricing structure assures value for money, with no hidden charges.

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December 2023

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