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#1 Wayland Maid & House Cleaning Service

Our company offers quality services at favorable prices. We will provide maximum comfort and eco-cleaning. Our cleaning agents are not harmful to the health of our clients and the interior objects. We have a great experience in large-scale projects. Our Wayland maids are careful with fragile items. Another key part of our work involves personal interaction with clients. We guarantee that you will be delighted with our work. Our staff will make sure your home is clean from floor to ceiling. If you need to restore the carpet’s original softness and get rid of annoying dust, feel free to contact us. We guarantee excellent results. Our staff will rid your home of harmful dust, dog or cat hair, pollen, and other allergens that can worsen the condition of a person with allergies. After our cleaning, your home will be comfortable and cozy for all family members.

We'll make your home sparkle

  • Experienced and trained staff
  • Healthy environment inside your home
  • You can free up your time
  • The latest equipment and products
  • We can meet all your requirements
  • Staff with specialized educational knowledge
  • We offer versatility and flexibility
  • Expert stain protection
  • Reasonable prices
  • Excellent work quality

The Best House Cleaning Service In Wayland

Every cleaning must be of high quality. It is important for people who suffer from asthma, allergies and other illnesses that are closely related to the respiratory system. Most people clean the house themselves. However, it requires a lot of time and effort. In addition, not all cleaning products that are sold in stores, are harmless and effective. Our employees know perfectly what products are best for cleaning. It is quite easy to order our services. You only need to call us and inform us about the desired time and date. You will also need to specify the number of rooms and the list of necessary work. Our employees will arrive exactly on time. Customers choose the frequency of cleaning. We use high-quality and reliable detergents. They have been tested and meet all safety requirements. Our Wayland cleaners use safe chemicals correctly. They can find the most effective methods to solve individual customer problems. You can be sure that we will help you in any situation. We offer comfortable prices and excellent work!

Our Advantages

Save time

Our company will save you from wasting your precious time and energy on cleaning. We will quickly and safely get your home perfectly clean.

Responsible attitude

We care about your health. Our company has many cleaners and detergents that meet the latest environmental requirements. You don’t have to worry about anything.

Experience and skills

Our company has created a close-knit team of young and energetic specialists. They have the necessary experience and knowledge to do quality work.

Reliable equipment

We use special equipment for the floor, carpet cleaning, and upholstery care. It allows us to achieve the highest quality of work.

No damage

Our Wayland maids will clean any surface, including delicate ones. We’ll make sure nothing gets scratched or damaged.

Quality work

If you are tired of dust and dirt, our team will rid your home of them quickly. We want everyone to be able to use our services.

Complete cleaning services

House Cleaning Rates


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One Time Cleaning


Every 2 Weeks


Every Month



1-2 hours




One Time Cleaning


Every 2 Weeks


Every Month



2-2.5 hours




One Time Cleaning


Every 2 Weeks


Every Month



2.5-3 hours




One Time Cleaning


Every 2 Weeks


Every Month



3-3.5 hours



2 Hours Minimum

For Custom Jobs, Large Apartments/Homes, and Small Offices

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Pristine quality from one of the best cleaning companies in Boston. We are always clean, friendly and respectful.
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June 2024

What’s Included In a Standard House Cleaning?

Do you want your house to clean itself without taking up your time? It is possible. We will make your dreams come true! You can order quality cleaning from us. Do what you love to do! Take a walk, and Washemclean will take care of the cleanliness. We will arrive at the agreed time and clean the entire house. Our Wayland maids wash, clean, and wipe down everything you need. Your home will be comfortable and cozy again in a few hours. We’ll dust the carpets and wash the floors. Our company will save you time and effort. We offer a wide range of services. You can find a suitable option for you. We will make a convenient schedule for you and do everything exactly at the agreed time.

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