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#1 Wellesley Maid & House Cleaning Service

Washemclean offers you inexpensive cleaning services. We can cope with the work of any complexity. After cleaning, only freshness and cleanliness will be left. We will eliminate dust, dirt, and grease. Our company provides services at an affordable price. Cleaning is a labor-intensive process. It means routine chores, a lot of time, and effort. The price is determined individually. You can call our managers. They will make a free estimate and tell you about the work in detail. We carry out cleaning with reliable certified detergents. They are entirely safe for your health and surfaces. We use environmentally friendly products. Our team cares about your comfort. Our staff will eliminate any dirt. Washemclean is a guarantee of high professionalism. Our Wellesley cleaning company follows instructions and your wishes. We will help you save your energy. Leave the cleaning to us and enjoy a cozy and comfortable home!

We'll make your home sparkle

  • Save time and money
  • A clean and tidy environment
  • Low and affordable prices
  • Healthy surroundings
  • Use of trusted products
  • Productive team
  • Experience and expertise
  • Best equipment
  • You will have more energy
  • Experienced and fully-trained staff

The Best House Cleaning Service In Wellesley

Quality cleaning is an excellent solution for those who do not have time to do it themselves. Many people prefer a comfortable, environmentally friendly place to live, spacious living areas, and their plots. However, having a house requires special care. Our company offers you to keep your home fresh and clean without much hassle. We are ready to come to you at any time. The work is done promptly, qualitatively, and delicately. Our Wellesley cleaners remove any dirt without harming surfaces. We clean homes of all sizes. Our team is highly experienced. We know the intricacies of the processes and techniques for cleaning every surface. Our team often helps tidy up your home after construction and renovation work. We use high-tech equipment and methods. It helps to remove dirt and dust not only on accessible surfaces but also in hard-to-reach areas. Our powerful vacuum equipment cleans flooring, walls, and upholstered home furniture perfectly. After we finish dry cleaning, we do wet cleaning. We will also help remove construction stains, materials, etc.

Our Advantages

Accurate performers

We will provide you with attentive and neat maids. They are able to work with different soiling. We will make sure that your items remain intact.

Safe detergents

We use only safe detergents in our work. They are not harmful to plants or animals. They do not cause allergies as well.

Qualified employees

You can be sure that the work will be done qualitatively and on time. Our Wellesley cleaners have significant experience and know how to clean even hard-to-reach places.

Choice of services

We provide not only standard cleaning services. You can turn to us if you need to clean your house after repairs, fire, flood, etc.

Affordable prices

You only pay for what you really need. We offer flexible sets of services for all types of cleaning. Our company provides low prices.

Flexible schedule

We respond quickly to urgent calls. Our team will help you in any situation. We will come at a convenient time and get your house in order.

Complete cleaning services

House Cleaning Rates


Free Trial







One Time Cleaning


Every 2 Weeks


Every Month



1-2 hours




One Time Cleaning


Every 2 Weeks


Every Month



2-2.5 hours




One Time Cleaning


Every 2 Weeks


Every Month



2.5-3 hours




One Time Cleaning


Every 2 Weeks


Every Month



3-3.5 hours



2 Hours Minimum

For Custom Jobs, Large Apartments/Homes, and Small Offices

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Pristine quality from one of the best cleaning companies in Boston. We are always clean, friendly and respectful.
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March 2023

What’s Included In a Standard House Cleaning?

Our company has been in the service market for several years. Our team knows all the peculiarities of cleaning processes, dry cleaning technology, window cleaning, etc. The skills of our employees are constantly improving. They effectively cope with the cleaning of a large area. We select gentle and professional detergents. Many companies do not resort to testing household chemicals and do not choose environmentally friendly and optimal solutions. We do not rely on advice from dealers and chemical suppliers. Our team trusts the recommendations of our partners but tests and selects cleaning products for surfaces ourselves. We will clean your baths, kitchen, bedroom, and nursery. Our Wellesley maids will mop floors and vacuum carpets. We will rid your home of dust and dirt without any problems.

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