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#1 Weston Maid & House Cleaning Service

A big house is a dream for many people: spacious rooms, a bright living room, several bathrooms, and a beautiful staircase connecting the floors. Everything is designed to make the life of the family comfortable. But a large area imposes the owners the responsibility to keep it clean. And that is not easy. You can’t do without qualified help. Even if you have helpers, quality cleaning of the whole house is not easy. You may not have the necessary knowledge to properly care for beautiful furniture, designer interiors, and expensive surfaces. That’s why we recommend hiring an experienced team. Our company provides inexpensive and high-quality Weston cleaning services. We come to your home with a complete set of necessary equipment and special tools. Our trained staff performs the work quickly and efficiently. You will be pleased to come back to a clean and cozy place.

We'll make your home sparkle

  • Peace of mind
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Skilled professionals
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Saves you time and money
  • Provides consistent outcomes
  • A healthier and happier home
  • Special offers and discount
  • Flat-rate prices
  • No need for supplies
  • Reasonable cost

The Best House Cleaning Service In Weston

Home cleaning is a complex process. It involves many steps. It requires special equipment, professional chemicals, and time and effort. Our Weston cleaning company offers help to each client. We clean the house qualitatively and efficiently. House cleaning requires more attention than a small apartment. You will forget about dust and dirty floors due to our staff’s great experience and qualifications. We guarantee that even the most hard-to-reach areas, such as the basement and attic, will get a pristine look and freshness. We offer high-quality cleaning on time. We use only modern equipment. It enables us to clean various stains. Specially trained people perform our services. The price depends on the amount of work. Our managers will calculate the exact price during individual consultations. You can also ask them any questions you have. They will tell you in detail about each step of the cleaning process. We will help you save time and effort and return comfort and cleanliness to your home. Call us at a convenient time! We will be glad to help you!

Our Advantages

Excellent service

We’ll get the house ready for the party and clean up after the party. Our team will clean the house when you arrive from vacation.

Fast and careful

We work quickly and neatly. Our Weston maids help you keep your house in order. You can trust us with any job.

More effective

Our cleaning company chooses a professional approach. You can see for yourself that cleaning with our help becomes more effective.

Reliable supplies

We use professional hypoallergenic detergents with an environmentally friendly composition. Our cleaners are more effective against dirt and stains than conventional household cleaners.

Safe cleaners

We choose certified products that are entirely safe for humans, animals, and houseplants. You do not have to worry about your health and the health of your loved ones.

Quality equipment

Our team brings vacuums, sponges, brushes, rags, and more. We use our equipment. Our company includes everything you need in the cost of services for quality cleaning.

Complete cleaning services

House Cleaning Rates


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One Time Cleaning


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Every Month



1-2 hours




One Time Cleaning


Every 2 Weeks


Every Month



2-2.5 hours




One Time Cleaning


Every 2 Weeks


Every Month



2.5-3 hours




One Time Cleaning


Every 2 Weeks


Every Month



3-3.5 hours



2 Hours Minimum

For Custom Jobs, Large Apartments/Homes, and Small Offices

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March 2023

What’s Included In a Standard House Cleaning?

Cleaning a tiny house takes quite a long time. And what to do if your home has several floors? That is why the services of a cleaning company are becoming more popular every year. Washemclean is not only quality cleaning but also time-saving. We use modern technology and reliable chemicals. Our team arrives on time. The cleaning includes several stages. We do wet cleaning, remove grease and dirt in your kitchen, clean the oven, etc. Our Weston maids also tidy up your bathroom. You can order additional services from us. We offer dry cleaning of upholstered furniture. Our team will help get your items back to a pristine appearance. Leave all the work to us. We guarantee a quality result.

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